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Poppin' Lolli's - Value 3 Pack
1 Box (3 Packs)

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we created this product as a tribute to what makes candy fun. It’s the sensory experience of licking a lolli pop, dipping it in some popping candy and then putting it back in your mouth and smiling as the crackling and popping sensation starts dancing on your tongue.  Immediately your smile starts to form and the combination of the flavors remind you the simple pleasure a lolli pop can bring to your day. Fun for kids and adults and great party favors. You can feel even better about this magical creation knowing that when you buy Project 7 candy; we give back to 7 areas of need like hunger and anti bullying efforts right here in America.

*Clean Candy on a Mission! 

*Fun popping candy sensation

*No artificial Colors, Flavors, or Preservatives


*Enjoy together or separately

*Play with your Candy!