Project 7's Mission

We are a specialty gum and candy brand dedicated to bringing great flavor back into your day while at the same time giving back to 7 areas of need. All of our products are proudly made here in America. We partner with non profits making impacts both here in America and abroad. Great Tasting and World Changing.

Our partners are the heroes – we just come alongside them and give to efforts they are already doing so well. Our hope is that our community of customers see that all these little purchases add up into big impact when we work together and to influence and encourage other businesses to do the same – it all counts.

Little purchases when added up, can pull many people together and make life changing impacts every day of the week. We're thankful for our non profits, suppliers, distributors, retailers, brokers and end-customers who make this equation and story possible.

Save the Earth - Project 7

Save the Earth

We partner with non-profits that are planting trees back into deforested areas globally as well as fruit trees for both environmental impact as well as sustenance in countries such as Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Tanzania, DR Congo, Burundi and Thailand. Farmers are taught how to care long term for trees in their communities and protect them to prevent future flooding from soil erosion.

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House the Homeless - Project 7

House the Homeless

We partner with non-profits that are providing Emergency shelter relief for those in need internationally and domestically when natural disaster strikes. A crucial need that no one imagines having to seek until it happens but hurts the hardest with those with least means.

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Feed the Hungry - Project 7

Feed the Hungry

We partner with non-profits that are providing meals back into local U.S. communities in helping support the food bank system across our country. We often forget in a country that has so much there are so many that fall below the poverty lines. The median annual income for households served by our nation’s food banks is around $9,000.

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Quench the Thirsty - Project 7

Quench the Thirsty

We partner with non-profits that are bringing clean drinking water to countries across Africa and Asia who do not have something as simple as local clean drinking water. Something we so often take for granted in America is one of the top killers globally as people drink contaminated water and get sick as well as spend large portions of their day coming and going to far away wells to fetch water for their families instead of being able to go to school.

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Heal the Sick - Project 7

Heal the Sick

We partner with non-profits that are providing medical relief for those affected by Malaria across various countries in Africa most affected by this disease such as Cameroon, Congo, Malawi and Ghana to name a few.

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Teach them well - Project 7

Teach them well

We Partner with non-profits that are providing schooling in countries such as Uganda and Somalia for children who otherwise would not be able to go to school. For a very small amount annually these children can go to school and change the trajectory of their life and their families with new found education and future job opportunities.

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Hope for Peace - Project 7

Hope for Peace

We partner with non-profits that are providing Anti Bullying courses but better said – “Kindness Curriculum” in both American and Canadian schools. There isn’t a student today that hasn’t been effected most likely from some type of bullying whether it be in person or online and it has a tremendous impact.

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Giving To Date

Project 7 - 2019 Giving Report