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Less Sugar Means More Candy

Our keto-friendly candy is perfect for anyone looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle while still being able to eat candy 7 days a week!
Enjoy Candy

Go ahead, eat the whole bag.

Our less sugar gummies have half the net carbs of other less sugar candy competitors.
3g Sugar
6 Net Carbs

Keto-Friendly Gummies

It's true! We have the lowest net carb gummy on the market, with only 6 net carbs per 22 gummy bears.
What to expect from every bag:
Whimsical Flavors
100% Happiness Guarantee
Nothing Artificial
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1 Gram Of Sugar Per Pop

Pop, lock and drop any of those other lolli pops. We are your one stop shop for a better pop.
What to expect from every bag:
USDA Organic
1g Sugar
2 Net Carbs
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Naturally Sweetened Chewing Gum

The future of gum has arrived! Our naturally sweetened chewing gum is bold and refreshing, unlike a lot of other natural gums. Plus it's free from aspartame, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
What to expect from every bag:
Real Mint from
Family Farms
No Artificial
No Aspartame
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"Way Better for Your Net Carb Count"

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I didn’t know little bites of heaven came packaged so adorably. I am a gummy bear fiend. When I went Keto, I was definitely missing gummy bears. I came across Project 7 and now I’m in love with the product. It’s better on the carb count in comparison to Smart Sweets. Will definitely be placing my next order.