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How Do You Calculate Net Carbs?

36g Carbs

- 18g Fiber

- 12g Allulose

= 6g Net Carbs

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Best Keto Snack!!

I have been keto for over 2 years and I’ve been bored of the same “low-carb/low-sugar” bars that almost always taste like cardboard. I found Project 7’s gummies and I saw that they had low-carb/low-sugar gummy bears too! They both taste great (and because they don’t have sugar alcohols, there’s none of that stomach-upsetting erithrytol aftertaste). HIGHLY recommend!

Way Better for Your Net Carb Count
Kat H.

I didn’t know little bites of heaven came packaged so adorably. I am a gummy bear fiend. When I went Keto, I was definitely missing gummy bears. I came across Project 7 and now I’m in love with the product. It’s better on the carb count in comparison to Smart Sweets. Will definitely be placing my next order.

Delicious & Satisfying
Nana P.

I was so pleasantly surprised - these are yummy! I'm a post-bariatric patient and can't tolerate high sugar snacks. But I sometimes crave just a little something, and these are PERFECT! They are delicious, no artificial taste, no tummy upset, and no hypoglycemic reaction. I'll be ordering more!